The #1 Tool you need in your haircare routine RIGHT NOW!

Who else finds themselves daydreaming about their next hair wash at the salon? Nothing can quite beat the ultimate relaxation of having your head massaged to the 9s.

What if we told you you don’t have to wait for your annual trip to the hairdresser to be transported to this state of utter bliss?

You, my friend, can achieve a lifetime of salon-quality head scrubs for a one-time $18 investment!

Not to mention, this revolutionary tool will help you fight dandruff, increase hair growth, and optimise the health of your scalp.

The humble scalp brush is the tool you’ll need to add to your shower kit.

What is it?

A scalp brush is a handheld brush manufactured from gentle, silicone bristles.

These brushes give the user a deeper root (and scalp) clean when shampooing while offering a salon-worthy massage.

What’s the point (benefits)

This is so much more than a tool for a shower head massage. This mighty little device can make a massive difference to your overall hair health:

Scalp detoxification/ exfoliation – silicone bristles can target your scalp more effectively than your fingers, removing dead skin cells, product build-up and oils and resulting in a deeper clean and lifting pesky dandruff.

Promotes hair growth – light scalp massaging stimulates hair follicles, enhancing hair growth. Clogged hair follicles can lead to nutrient depletion at the follicle, causing hair loss/ thinning. Clear/ stimulated follicles result in the growth of stronger, thicker, and overall healthier hair!

Relieves Stress/ Tension – gentle scalp massage is effective for releasing stress and tension and can also support reducing the severity of tension headaches.

Evenly distributes product – we don’t mean to call you out here, but let’s all stick to our strengths and admit that we are not master hairstylists. It’s okay to call in for reinforcements to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck! A scalp brush can support you to deliver product and nutrients deep into the roots and brush through to the ends for a seamless finish.

Avoiding product build-up – product build-up is your #1 enemy when it comes to itchy, flaky scalps, not to mention it clogs your pores and can slow hair growth or, even worse, cause hair thinning! A scalp brush helps you work away any product excess effortlessly, leaving you with a squeaky-clean finish every time!

How to use a scalp brush:

For best results, use your scalp brush in wet hair.

It’s time to scrub a-dub-dub in the tub (or shower). Jump in your chosen water vessel, thoroughly dampen/ rinse your hair, and apply your product. Now, it’s time to reach for your scalp brush. Using the brush, gently massage your shampoo into your scalp using circular motions. Apply light pressure to remove dead/ dry skin cells, oils, and impurities. When you’re satisfied with your scalp scrubbing, use the brush to remove the remaining product while rinse for an ever-so-squeaky clean.

Remember: this brush is best used in wet hair and will not replace your hairbrush! Are you battling tiresome tangles? You can try our Much Easier Hair Detangler.

Why Silicone?

Let’s get one thing straight: silicone is the ONLY right answer here, and here’s why:

Traditional hairbrushes are made from plastic. When we use these brushes, they ultimately come into contact with microbes, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Plastic-based brushes must be completely dry before additional use to prevent bacterial growth. Moisture preserved within the bristles promotes rapid bacterial proliferation, potentially exposing your scalp to worsening skin disease/ inflammation.

Silicone-based products are considerably more hygienic than their plastic counterparts due to the non-porous nature of the material. In layman’s terms, they don’t harbour bacteria!

Silicone brushes can be thoroughly cleaned and quickly dry, reducing the risk of developing scalp disease.

Now, yes, you must consider the health of your scalp, but here at George, we believe you should also care about the health of our planet. We hate to think about the number of plastic brushes there currently are, buried under a pile of landfill, leaching into our waterways, and polluting our atmosphere.

Silicone is a highly durable material that is more ocean-friendly than its plastic counterparts. Silicone resists oxygen deterioration and lasts for decades - aka, buy once, and love forever! A longer lifespan means these products can skip the landfill death sentence and be adored by you for years. It is supporting you to reduce your overall environmental footprint.

Not to mention, silicone doesn’t contain hormone disrupters. Chemicals found in plastic products have been shown to play a role in the production/ progression of many endocrine disorders, including female and male infertility.

Care and maintenance of your scalp brush:

While your scalp brush won’t harbour bacteria, it is important to clean it regularly to ensure the longevity of the brush.

To clean your brush:
1. Remove any loose hair from the silicone bristles.
2. Fill your sink with warm water and soap, submerging the scalp brush in the water for 10-15 minutes to loosen any dirt/ impurities from the bristles.
3. Taking a toothbrush or your fingers, gently scrub the brush to remove any remaining dirt/ debris.
4. After scrubbing the scalp brush, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Wipe away any excess H2O and leave it to air dry.
5. Your brush is ready to re-use!

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