6 Tips to Spring Clean Your Haircare

Our coffees are now iced. We’re donning the florals and crawling out from our winter hibernation caves!

Spring is the perfect time to tend to your garden, horde the antihistamines and order a fizzy cocktail. It’s also the optimum time to re-assess your shower alcove and refresh your haircare.

George brings you our Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist: tend to your haircare routine from top to tail in preparation for the warmer weather!

Let’s dive in:

1. Check used by dates.

Yes, just like your favourite almond milk, your haircare also has a used-by date! Check the back of your product for the little open jar symbol, or some fancy-pants people refer to this as the ‘period after opening.’ This jar is denoted with a number, which represents the months after opening your haircare (or beauty products) will last. Products past their use by may be no longer effective, or natural oils can go rancid with age and exposure to the elements. It’s best practice to check your products every six months. Past their use by? Out with the old, and in with the new, George says!

2. Deep clean your shower.

For a place that is designated for cleaning oneself, your shower can get dirty if left unattended.
Potentially harmful organisms, known as mycobacteria, could live in your showerhead. Bacteria love to breed in warm, moist environments (like your shower), so regular deep cleaning is a must!

3. Arrange your products in a way that sparks joy (or is most practical).

Create a shower shelf that would make The Home Edit team proud. Are you a colour coder? Or are you a practical stacker? Line your haircare troops up in a way that makes sense for you, bestie.

4. Check Ingredients – nasty chemicals have no business being in your bathroom, bestie!

We’ve said it once and will continue to scream it from the rooftops as long as we live (or as long as nasty pasties keep creeping into your haircare, whichever comes first). Hair-and-nature-wreckers have absolutely NO business in your shower, bathroom cupboard or home. These sneaky suckers have been hiding in your ingredient lists for years, damaging our earth, endangering our wildlife, triggering allergies and, in some cases, are linked to cancer. Ready to go chem-free? George has your back. Check out our Never Ever List so you can purchase with the confidence that we will Never…EVER use ingredients that will harm you, our wildlife, or our planet.

5. Refresh your towels.

Here’s the deal: crusty-old towels are doing you and your hair absolutely no favours. The older the towel (and crunchier), the less ability it has to wick moisture, aka the whole purpose of a towel in the first place! Thick, dry fibres cause excess friction on your strands, leaving you a frizz-ball on hair wash day. Ditch the old towels and gift yourself a fresh selection this spring season (you’ll thank us later).

6. Stock up on your George supply for bangin’ hair all season long.

Nothing compares to the devastation of squeezing the dregs of your favourite product on hair wash day. Never get caught out again by shopping for a George Duo Kit.

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