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Welcome to George

George is your necessary hair friend. The kind of friend who backs you, who turns up time and again. The kind of friend who is brave enough to call out the BS, and tells you like it is.

No more pseudo-science, no more false claims, and no more hiding behind inaccessible beauty standards.

Created by Lisa Nguyen, a hairdresser with 20 years of experience in the industry and owner of Enough Studio: a hair, health and wellness sanctuary and salon in the heart of Adelaide. George's origin and mission mirrors that of the mothership, Enough Studio: to address the unnecessary exposure to soaps and chemicals found in conventional products and processes.

George is a call to simplify - and simplify on many levels. From the ingredients to the range – George will simplify the way you use and multitask with haircare products.

George is for the future, and for those who want a better future.

The future of George is clean, for you and for our one planet. From start to finish, George seeks to minimise our environmental footprint, and support you in your efforts to reduce yours.

We leverage the best in nature and science to create useful, effective haircare essentials, that are safe but uncompromising on results.

George has your back.

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