Frequently Asked Questions

Your necessary hair friend and staple in your hairdrobe. Find out more about us here.

You can purchase direct from us here (hello! So nice you’re here).

George is made for anyone with hair. But we’re made for people who also want better, simpler, cleaner products too. It’s 2022 and we think it’s pretty cool to care about your hair and how the products you use affect the environment. We’ll be your champion in the hair department.

We’ll slot into any and all hair routines too. George is made for people who prefer low maintenance, some maintenance, and for people who love to go all out.

We’re also for anyone and everyone who is ready to ditch the havoc-wreaking, chemical-filled “miracle cures” and temporary fixes. 

We’ve combined hardworking ingredients that actually work, so you can spend less time doing your hair, and more time doing whatever you want to do.

No dramas! Our products cater to all heads and hair types, including:

Low maintenance, low to no hair concerns

Oily scalps

Dry scalps

Hair damaged by heat and environmental factors

Nutrient deficient hair (a bit dry, a bit snappy)

Curly, wavy and dead-straight hair

Coloured and treated hair

We’re a little obsessed with ingredients. We’ve made a whole page for them, we’re that obsessed. Find our Hall of Fame Hair Heroes here.

We’re pleased as punch to be able to say we’ll Never. Ever. include nasty pasties known to cause bad hair days. Find out more about these hair villains and their rap sheets here.

George is all vegan and all good, baby. And we’re certified.

Our ingredients, packaging and product line contain zero animal derivatives. Nothing. Nada. 

How did you know? Yes, our products are PETA Certified which means we’re cruelty-free and vegan certified. We don’t conduct or commission any animal testing on ingredients and formulations and pledge not to do so in the future.

We’re committed to continually researching and reviewing the best plastic and plastic-free alternatives, and making sure we incorporate them into our manufacturing and packaging processes. Watch this space.

The tube that houses our shampoo and hair mask is made from sugarcane plastic. It’s made from renewable sources, unlike traditional plastic that relies on finite crude oil. It’s recyclable too, so make sure you rinse out the tube before you stick it in the recycling bin. 

Our paper-based packaging is also recyclable.

Our mailers are made from FSC certified paper and can be added to your council green bins. They need to be sent to compost facilities because they need to go through a few extra steps before completely breaking down - so make sure to add them to your council green bins. We don’t recommend adding them to your household compost.

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