Tired of Knotty Hair? You NEED this!

Calling all frizzy, knotty, hair snag-prone brothers and sisters! Do you wake up every morning with a bird’s nest for a do, or you MUST spend 30 minutes post-shower working knots out your hair? Knotty hair is ex-haaasuting! But, in true George fashion, we have the ultimate solution for you: enter The Detangler. 

What is it? 

A detangler is a hairbrush crafted from soft bristles, designed to effortlessly glide through the hair, treating knots and tangles, and snag (and most importantly) pain-free. 

Why do I need one? 

Firstly, it’s essential to understand where these tangles came from in the first place! Tangle-prone hair is likely due to cuticle damage. This causes damaged hair and split ends to knit together, leaving a matted mess in its wake. A detangler is your go-to tool to work through knots and prevent further hair damage. Read: regular detangling = reduced frequency of knotty hair (WIN!)

Does what brush I use REALLY matter? 


Let’s get one thing straight: not all brushes are made alike! Your ordinary run-of-the-mill hairbrush could be doing more harm than good! Your average supermarket hairbrush's stiff, rigid bristles can make tangles more challenging and wreak havoc on your already very split ends. However, the soft bristles of a detangler brush expertly tame tangles and un-knits knots without causing damage to the hair. 

Need more convincing? Here’s the Top 5 things we love about Detanglers: 

• Yes, hair brushing CAN be pain-free – detangler brushes have soft, flexible, gentle bristles that effortlessly glide through the hair, treating tangles pain- free. 

• It can be used wet or dry. Here at George, we LOVE a multi-tasking baddie. A detangler can be used under H2O or in dry conditions. Use a detangler in the shower to avoid a lengthy brushing session post-wash, OR use it to style dry hair for an ultra-smooth finish. 

• Prevents Damage/ Breakage – a detangler is designed to painlessly slide through knots, meaning less tugging/ snagging, reducing brush-induced damage to the hair (indeed, we’ve driven this point home by now!?)

• Save your scalp – harsh bristles are bad news for your hair and a big no-no when it comes to maintaining your scalp's health! The everyday hairbrush can apply excessive pressure to the scalp, irritating. At the same time, a detangler is much more gentle, leaving your scalp intact. 

• Perfect for styling – you won’t find this one on a conventional list, but George Founder, Lisa, swears by her detangler for brushing out waves for the perfect, glossy, Hollywood-curl style. 

How to use it? 

Start with dry or damp hair: 

Hot Tip: George says, hair is easiest to detangle when slightly damp. Detangling from damp hair can also significantly reduce your risk of hair breakage! 

Long-haired folk, you know the drill – now it’s time to divide your hair into sections. Brushing in manageable sections is the trick to a snag-free experience. 

Work from tips to root: 

Start by brushing the ends of your hair and continue brushing in downward strokes up the length of your hair. This is essential for keeping your brush from falling into the tangling clutches of pesky knots. 

Care and maintenance of your detangler:

It is important to clean your detangler regularly to ensure the longevity of the brush. 

To clean your brush: 

1. Remove any loose hair from the bristles. 

2. Fill your sink with warm water and soap, submerging the detangler brush in the water for 10-15 minutes to loosen any dirt/ impurities from the bristles. 

3. Taking a toothbrush or your fingers, gently scrub the brush to remove any remaining dirt/ debris. 

4. After scrubbing the detangler, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Wipe away any excess H2O and leave it to air dry. Allowing your brush to dry completely before each new use is imperative for preventing bacteria.

5. Your brush is ready to re-use!

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