Hair-rasing Adventures: The Best Hairstyle for Your Summer Festivities

Summer in Aussie land generally looks a little like this: floaty summer frocks, salads a plenty, old aunt Mildred has had one too many, and you’re always within at least a 50-metre radius of someone’s pool. Before you tackle the summer festivities, let’s talk about taming your tresses. We’ve got the lowdown on the best holiday-ready hairstyles, complete with hairdresser-approved tips to keep your hair healthy in the summer sun…

The Classic Ponytail: Your Trusty Sidekick

The classic pony is your no-fail companion for an outdoor Chrissy lunch. It keeps your hair in check whether you’re warding of kids splashing in the pool or basking in the summer sun (wearing SPF 50 obv). And if you’re worried about looking a little… basic, for lack of a better word, try one of these hot tips for making a basic pony a little more interesting:

  • Add Texture: Tease the crown of your head slightly for some extra volume. It's the perfect way to kick up the style factor
  • Accessorise:Slide in some hairpins, clips or a fun headband to give your ponytail a personalised touch. This Christmas season, think: glitter or an obnoxiously large bow.
  • Braid it Up:Incorporate a small braid into your ponytail, starting at your temple and continuing all the way to the end of your pony, for an easy twist that elevates your look.

To maintain hair health, consider using a scrunchie instead of an elastic hair tie - less pulling, more loving your locks.

The Messy Bun: Effortless Chic in the Wild

For that effortlessly chic look that says “I woke up ready for anything”, opt for a messy bun. It’s perfect for keeping your hair contained while still embracing your wild side. But here's the deal, you don't want it to look like you *actually* just rolled out of bed, right? You want that messy bun to look deliberate and on point. Here's how:

  • Product Power:Start by adding some texture to your hair with a texturising spray or dry shampoo. This gives your hair the grip it needs for a perfectly undone look
  • The Art of Teasing:Tease your hair slightly before crafting that bun. It helps create volume and that "I meant to do this" vibe
  • Controlled Chaos:When you're forming the bun, use your fingers to manipulate it into the shape you desire. Make sure to leave a few loose strands for that carefree effect
  • Secure but Not Stiff:Use bobby pins or a scrunchie to secure your bun without making it too tight. You want it to stay in place but maintain that relaxed charm

The Brave Braid: Tame that Wild Mane

Braids are more than just a fashion statement, they’re your secret weapon against tangled tresses. Whether you choose the classic three-strand or something more intricate, braids keep your hair secure. In fact, they're the best hairstyle for staying secure no matter what you're doing – carolling, irish-christmasing, playing santa, winding up Nana…

 Pro-tip: apply a leave-in hair mask before you braid and let it do its magic while you work up a sweat!

Slap on a Cap: Flyaways, Be Gone!

Sometimes the best way to keep those flyaways in check is with a cap. It’s a quick fix for a bad hair day, it's sunsmart and it’s perfect to hide the sins of Christmas Eve Past.

Finger-comb your hair, throw on a cool cap and you’re ready to roll. And you don’t have to believe us, according to @TheNotoriousKIA, sometimes the best way to instantly upgrade your look is to “throw on a hat and some sunglasses”, no way we’re arguing with steez like that.

The Helmet Hair Hero: Safety Meets Style

Santa bring you a quad bike for Christmas? If your Chrissy Day requires a helmet - you can still look rad while prioritising safety. When it comes to helmet hair, we’ve got your back. Opt for hairstyles like braids or a low bun that can fit comfortably under your helmet. These styles not only keep your hair secure but also minimise the helmet-induced frizz. Plus, they're easy to create, so you can spend less time fussing with your hair and more time conquering the great outdoors.

Swim-Friendly Styles: Dive in with Confidence

When you’re hitting the water for some aquatic adventures, choose a swim-friendly hairstyle. Think low buns or high ponytails. These styles not only keep your hair secure, but also make a splash in the style department. If you’re serious about taking care of your tresses, don’t leave your hair hanging loose while swimming, or it’ll tangle faster than you can say “mermaid”. Just no Cleo.

Pro hair health tip: make sure to rinse your luscious locks with fresh water before and after driving in to reduce saltwater or chlorine absorption.

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