What's in and out for 2024? An official list to slay the year away.

We're just going to say it. 2023 was, well, interesting, to say the least. The dawn of the new year has us frantically crafting our vision boards and dreaming of the elevated it-girl we are set to become. This re-invention phase is about chucking out the old waste and calling in some new energy. Read on to inspire your ins and outs of 2024.


Work/ life balance
We make this resolution every year, but 2024 is the year it sticks! We are in our 'do not disturb' era and will RSVP a firm YES to after-work drinks.

More self care
For a team that sells you self-care for a living, we're slow on taking our advice. Cue the bubble baths, Netflix marathons and extra rows of chocolates (the fancy stuff).

Weekly hair masks
Please repeat after me: I will NOT have dry hair in 2024.
Pro Tip: Our Better Hair Days Mask is your ultimate work-from-home companion. Apply it to slightly damp hair, comb through it, and leave it all day long; your hair will thank us later.

More necessary hair friends aka product line expansion
No, I won't spill the beans on that one yet; all in due time, young padawan.

Easy hair styles
Consider versatile hairstyles that easily transition from day to night, like a bob that can be styled straight or curled.

Semi-permanent colour glosses
Try salon semi-permanent hair colour glosses for shiny, vibrant hair and a healthy, shiny finish.

Strategically enhancing your features with hair colour
Use hair colour strategically to enhance your facial features, just like makeup contouring. 2024 is the year of face-framing layers and highlights.

Scalp massages
Incorporate scalp massages and gentle yoga stretches to improve blood circulation, stimulate hair growth and promote relaxation. *cough* take our Super Useful Scalp Brush for a spin *cough*


Doom scrolling
Bedtime is for catching those glorious zzz's! Those TikToks you're sending to your bestie at 3 am are not *that* funny after a morning re-watch – cringe.

Saying yes to everyone
Your reminder that No is a complete sentence, and you should use it more often.

Late nights
Trust us, your work colleagues don't want to hang with a tired grouch – get your 8 hours!

Second guessing yourself
Your intuition is the real deal; you should use it more often! 2024 is your trusting your gut feelings era – embrace it!

Sweating the small stuff
That thing you've been obsessively stressing over? It's not that deep. If it's not a momentous, life-altering decision, check the box and move on. Your nervous system will thank you!

Comfort zones
Comfort Zones are sooooo 2023. This year, we're all about rising above our anxious attachment styles and doing some things that scare the pants off us! No one ever changed the world from their comfort zone #facts.

Complex haircare routines
YAWN! We don't know about you, but hair wash day is already a tall task without adding a 15-step routine! Simplify your routine using multifunctional products to save time and make your life easier. Did we mention we've made them for you? Shop the George Duo Kit here.

Sporadic hair wash routines
We are maintaining a consistent haircare routine with shampooing, conditioning, and treatments as needed for healthy hair.

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