George’s Public Holiday Recs You Need To Try ASAP.

Phew! Christmas Day is over and we finally have a few days to catch our breath and indulge in some well-earned RnR! Whether you plan to throw back some cold ones on the couch in front of the cricket with dad, rush out to grab a bargain behind your keyboard, or simply stare at the wall for the next 3 days contemplating your existence, life itself and what it all means - George is swooping in with a few recs to make the most of your time out of the office.


Do This!

Better Hair Days Mask

Let’s face it, the past few days have been one big party. Our bodies (namely, our livers) have taken a beating. There’s nothing like a lengthy self-care shower (or bath, you do you, sis) to make you feel alive again! Sweeten the experience with our indulgent Better Hair Days Mask, to re-hydrate your crown and your soul.


Cook This!

What I Cook when Nobody is Watching – Poh Ling

Something about the new year looming has us inspired to add a few new dishes to the weekly rotation. 2023 will be the end of our toxic relationship with Uber Eats… we swear!  We’re simple guys and gals here at George HQ so we love an accessible dish! We’re loving Poh Ling’s latest Cookbook: What I Cook when Nobody is Watching! This cookbook is a festival of good, authentic food that will help you find the ritual in everyday cooking!


Watch This!

Emily in Paris Season 3

She’s Back! Emily in Paris certainly divided the internet, but here at George HQ we are #teamemily! If not for the outfits alone - seriously, we need the show’s costume department on speed-dial! Plus, who doesn’t love Paris!? We will certainly be grabbing some left-over Christmas-Pud and tucking into this one! See you Wednesday morning when we emerge from our binge-watching pillow fort.


Read This!

Colleen Hoover – It Ends with Us

Not on the Colleen Hoover train yet? All aboard! Next Stop: All the feels! You only have to spend a few short moments on #booktok to know that Colleen has the reading community and your George HQ book worms wrapped around her little finger! Truthfully, no matter which of her stories you pick up, you’ll be sure to love it! Grab some snacks and your mental health support water bottle and get reading.


Listen to This!

The Tullamarines – Television

If your dancing shoes are still intact after the office Christmas Party, give Adelaide Local, The Tullamarine’s latest track, ‘Television’ a spin! This tune is an anthem for the ‘zoomer’ generation, those of us who are bombarded with bad news and a mutually shared eco-anxiety. Sounds heavy, we know - but trust us, the chorus alone has us inspired to keep moving forward & create positive change within our world!


Eat This!

Loco Love – Wild Rose Ganache Chocolate

No, the fact that we over-did the choccies yesterday DOES NOT deter us from tucking into seconds. It’s the dawn of a new day… there’s always room for chocolate! We’re a sucker for a good vegan choccie, and Loco Love just simply has our hearts. Talk about decadent!


Drink This!

Sea Breeze Cocktail

Nothing says summer like a fruity cocktail. With the sun shining, we’re looking for a refreshing cocktail to keep us cool. Here’s how to make your very own ‘Sea Breeze’:



50mL Vodka

100mL Cranberry Juice

50mL grapefruit Juice


Slice of Lime



Fill a tall glass with ice.

Add your vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice.

Stir gently until the side of the glass becomes cold.

Then garnish with a slice of lime!



Try This!


A few extra helpings at Christmas dinner has us feeling a little… well, bloaty. Now, not all of us have a S/O (significant other) to rub our achy bellies, so we’re getting started on one of our New Year resolutions early! Grab your stretchiest yoga pants and head to your local studio, we’re going to happy baby our way into 2023.

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