10 Haircare Resolutions to Embrace in 2023

The dawn of a new year is helping us think of all the areas of our lives that could use some extra attention. So whether you’re planning to overhaul your life or run away to start a new one, George has a few tips to ensure you look fabulous doing it!


1. Turn Down the Heat

Yes, the secret to shiny locks and anti-frizz is steering away from the heat! We know a toasty shower makes us feel all the warm and fuzzies and washes our NYE sins away… but – extra heat can damage your hair and scalp. So instead, keep the water temp cool to lock in moisture, nourish your hair cuticle and keep the shine between washes. Who knows, maybe you’ll embrace a self-care routine fit for Gwyneth (Paltrow) and the Goop team! Too extreme for you? Perhaps opt for lukewarm – your roots will thank you.

2. Hair Mask (Weekly)

We know you’re a low- maintenance queen but giving your head a little TLC weekly can-do wonders for cutting down your styling time. So carve out a Sunday afternoon for a restorative hair mask and settle in with your latest Netflix binge. Our Better Hair Days Hair Mask works wonders - restoring moisture is key for keeping your style lasting between washes. 

3. Sleep on Silk

One too many cocktails have your head and hair feeling a little, well… foggy? Perhaps the frizzy bedhead is more than just a regretful NYE. Did you know that conventional pillowcases can draw out your hair’s natural moisture, causing friction and breakage? Silk pillowcases protect your hair, keeping her looking fresh and frizz-free! Yes, an excuse to shop for new bedding (as if you needed one anyway).

4. Hair Turbans (always)

George’s favourite low-maintenance hair hack! Microfibre hair turbans absorb far more moisture than a conventional towel, reducing drying time. Your hair is a little… sensitive when wet. Wrap it in a turban and chill before you go in with heat. It’s like taking your hair on a date. After giving it a good feed (moisture is absorbed into the scalp), it's far more likely to be in a better mood (easier to style). Not to mention, less time using the hairdryer is a win for mother earth. Grab yours here.

5. A regular wash routine – say goodbye to the dry shampoo!

Excessive product build-up is a sure way to an irritated, flaky scalp. A regular wash routine is the trick of the trade for keeping your natural oils balanced, and hair cuticles nourished. Pro-tip: keep your shampoo sulphate free. Sulphates are all around bad news – chemical detergents that strip the hair of its natural oil, causing it to create even more to compensate. Hello, grease ball! Sulphates also have a nasty habit of lifting the hair cuticle, the perfect recipe for Little Miss Frizzy! This means we over-wash to reverse these effects, and the cycle continues. Read the back of your products… we beg of you. For other toxic meanies to watch out for on the back of the labels, check out our Never Ever List.

6. Embrace what Mumma gave you (go el-natural)

Heatless styles are dominating our TikTok feeds and compelling us more than ever to investigate/ embrace what our mamma gave us. Not sure where to start when it comes to taming your natural mane? No, don’t give up, just put that hair straightener DOWN! Listen up, here’s what George Says:

“Try to detangle your hair using a wide tooth comb after conditioning. This will help prevent friction and maintain your natural curl pattern, especially if you’re a member of the curly girl army. Apply a pea sized amount of leave-in to damp hair and follow with your heatless styling method.”

George loves all hair types – and thinks you should too!

7. Give your hair a break to avoid breakage (high-tension hairstyles be gone!)

If a few too many salon disasters in 2022 are at the top of your mind, we know it’s tempting to sleek your haircare sins away! But, hold up sis! This is only causing more breakage in the long run. So avoid over-stretching with the hair straightener or high-tension pony’s to savour the last of your remaining healthy hair strands.

8. Use heat protectants – always

This is not a step you can keep missing. If your hairdryer is your favourite haircare tool, you’ll need to pair it with a quality heat protectant to shield your locks. George has your back, bestie! Our Better Hair Days Mask contains Kakadu Plum Extract and Shea Butter, natures OG heat protectants. But, let’s be honest, no heat protectant can REALLY protect your hair from over-styling at high temperatures. Want the best for your hair? George Says: Try using heat tools with different temperature settings and using them on the lowest setting possible.

9. Save the whales – save your hair (kiss goodbye to hair and nature wreckers)

Hair and nature wreckers are so 2022. Choose haircare that doesn’t leave you with a guilty conscience. Pro tip: if an ingredient is harmful for our planet, chances are, its harmful for you too.

10. Dates with your hairdresser

No, you cannot ghost your hairdresser. The secret to effortlessly healthy locks is in the upkeep. No amount of carefully curated hair product can seal a split end. Once your hair is split… she’s a goner! Regular trims keep the split ends at bay (and keep your hair looking/ feeling healthy). Visit your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks if not for the trim up, at least for the under-priced therapy session.

George says it’s not about making a grand, unachievable resolution but rather the small steps we take each day to reach the life/ goals we want. It’s 2023, and no matter your budget, there is always a step you can take to rescue your mane. Happy New Year!

Love, George.

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