Zero Waste Haircare: 6 Hacks for Reducing Waste in Your Haircare Routine

The beauty industry may be booming, but I think we can all agree that it’s not without its environmental costs. From wasteful packaging to less than environmentally friendly ingredients, the waste generated by our haircare routines can’t be ignored. But fear not my rebels with a cause - embracing a more sustainable haircare routine is easier than you think.

Get ready to give your locks some eco-love with these six hot tips that will leave you looking fierce and feeling guilt-free.

Pay Attention to Ingredients: Nature Knows Best

You wouldn’t slather your skin with just anything, right? The same goes for your hair. Becoming an eco-conscious haircare enthusiast means scrutinising ingredient labels. Opt for products packed with natural, vegan ingredients that not only pamper your locks but also respect the environment. Steer clear of nasties like microbeads and synthetic chemicals, as they can mess with aquatic life. Embrace the rebellion against toxic ingredients and make choices that are kind to both your hair and the planet.

Wash Less Often: Ride the Second-Day Wave

Washing your hair every day is so last season. Embrace the art of the second-day hair and rock that effortlessly cool look. By skipping a wash day or two, you’re not only saving water but also letting your hair’s natural oils work their magic. And when you do wash? Consider turning off the running water while you lather up, every little bit counts. So, hold your head high and show off those locks with confidence, knowing you’re giving Mother Earth a break while still slaying your hair game.

Use Every Last Drop: Extract Maximum Value

Our golden rule: never waste a drop! Slice into that almost empty tube to rescue the last bit of magic, even if it means a little bit of packaging surgery. Making the most out of your product means less waste, less dollars spent and less impact on the environment. 

And for curly girls using the bowl method - rather than dropping extra cash on a refreshing next-day spritz, save that conditioner-rich water, funnel it into a spray bottle and use it on non-wash days to keep your curls looking fly (not fly-away)!

Embrace Multifunctional Products: Simplify and Conserve

In the world of sustainable haircare, multitasking is key. Consider using products like George Better Days Hair Mask, which doubles as a conditioner. This clever approach not only reduces the number of products you need but also minimises packaging waste. George Better Days Hair Mask nourishes your locks while also cutting down on the clutter in your shower and the waste in your trash.

Finish Before You Purchase: Rebel Against Impulse Buys

We get it: those new hair products are tempting, but the earth deserves better than our lack of impulse control. Before you stock up on the latest haircare buzz, ask yourself if you’ve truly made the most of what you already have. Channel some restraint and finish up those half-empty bottles before diving into something new. The planet (and your wallet!) will thank you.

And if you've discovered a product isn't for you and you really don't want to finish it, before chucking it, consider throwing a product swap party with your friends. This way, you can trade the products you're not going to use, and you might discover a new favourite without having to purchase brand-new ones. 

Add a Recycling Bin: Rebel with a Cause

According to some recent polls, only 1 in 5 of usrecycle our personal care products, the rest are just letting them join the landfill party. Why do we recycle kitchen waste without batting an eye, but when it comes to the bathroom we just let it slide? It’s time to disrupt this wasteful script. Empower your bathroom with a dedicated recycling bin, boldly stating your commitment to change. A container not just for rubbish, but a proclamation that deodorant cans, toilet roll tubes, empty skincare containers and yes, your haircare waste, deserves a new life through recycling.

Remember, in a realm where beauty meets responsibility, eco-conscious haircare is the new code to live by. From ingredient vigilance to second-day hair swagger, every step of this journey reflects a bold rebellion against waste.

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