World Mental Health Day: Self-Care Tips from the Mum's of George

One for the Mumma's: It's World Mental Health Day! 

One of the most challenging (albiet beautiful) times in a woman's life is her transition to motherhood. During this period, your time for self seems to shrink, leaving you scoffing at self-care tiktok as you don't have the time (or energy) to engage in an elaborate 15-step skincare routine. 

You know self-care is important to keep your mental health in check, but you cannot find the time to take a moment for yourself! 

It's a big dilemma among the mum community, so we got our most qualified on this topic on the case!

We asked some powerhouse mummas within the George community to share their self-care hacks, tips and tricks with you. 

Read on for some honest and essential pearls of wisdom. 

Karlee Imogen

Reiki Master & Yoga Teacher

During my early postpartum period and even now, almost 2 years later, making time to connect daily with my breath and gentle yoga movement has supported me not only physically (healing from birth and soothing the new aches that come from holding/feeding a baby), but also mentally and emotionally. Even 5 minutes enables me to check in and remain connected to myself in a time when my mind is in a million places at once. Some days, that might be 3 slow, deep breaths and laying my legs up the wall (Viparita Karani) or a full body yoga flow to release tension. It all depends on the time I have allowed and what my body needs, but it is a non-negotiable. 

Hannah Willsmore:


Self-care can be tricky to fit in as a new mum, but it's so important. My number one tip is to always grab a glass of water and snack when you sit down to feed your baby. That way, you'll be meeting your needs as well as theirs! Good nutrition and hydration are so important for your postpartum recovery, especially when breastfeeding, and this little trick is one I regularly recommend to my postpartum clients. Bonus points if the snack is easy to eat one-handed - like an apple and some nuts, a protein ball or a muesli bar!

Tracey Murray

Gentle Sleep Consultant

As a mum of three and a business owner, self-care looks quite different to me these days while I'm in this season of life. I find snippets throughout the day and throughout my week to fill up my cup. If the baby is napping on me, I like to pop in a podcast instead of aimlessly scrolling on my phone.

As much as washing my hair is necessary, and not 'self-care', a warm shower by myself feels amazing these days, and I soak up every minute.

Moving my body has always been important to me, and I notice a difference in how I feel when I exercise, so I prioritise 3 sessions a week. Most of the time, its a YouTube yoga class or HiiT workout whilst the baby is napping.

Self-care is so important, and it's ok when it looks different while moving through your life's different seasons.

Tammy Beshara

Exercise, Lifestyle + Mindset Coach

My #1 Self Care Tip for all Mamas 

1. Plan Out Your Week - Sit down and schedule all appointments, work meetings, kids' things, nap times, events etc.

2. What white space exists in your days to schedule in time for you - exercise, mindfulness, planning meals.

3. Can you go to bed a little earlier and wind down before bed - skincare routine - 10 deep breaths - reading a book or stretching will help to reduce your stress and cortisol levels - improve the quality of your sleep, and give you a moment for you

Self-care doesn't have to be day spas and massages. Incorporating simple daily routines allows you to go from being at the bottom of the to-do list to being a priority. These little daily habits all compound and help you show up as the best version of yourself.

Sarah Gordon:

Content Creator

Self-care for me as a Mum of 3 kids is very important for my mental health.

It's doing my skincare daily, putting on makeup, getting my nails done, buying that dress that will make me feel 1 million bucks, but most importantly, it's putting on my George hair care mask and chilling out once the kiddies have gone to bed.

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