Astrology Updates : October 16th - October 22nd

We begin the week with a partial solar eclipse in Libra. Eclipses bring endings and new beginnings. It's like the moon but on steroids. As the north node has now shifted into Aries, along with the south node into Libra, it has us redefining our relationships, redefining our sense of self, and reigniting us towards a new way of being that can feel uncomfortable and unknown. Still, the key here is to trust we're being redirected towards something that's more fated and meant to be.

The New moon is all about new beginnings. It's a time to set new intentions to set our sights upon and to go after throughout this lunar cycle. For those of us with cardinal placements, sun, moon or rising in either Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra, this energy can be felt more intensely and bring about the unexpected as we close out one chapter and step into a new one.

Come Monday, we have a stellium with Mercury, the sun, Mars and the Moon. With these planets all closely together, it magnifies their aspects of how we want to be, how we want to express ourselves, and how we want to take action.

We're now well and truly out of the shadow of Venus retrograde, the planet of love, beauty and relationships. During its retrograde, it's advised against changing our look in any new way or making any major and permanent decisions. Now that the retrograde fog has lifted, we can try new things and change things up. Venus, now in the detail-oriented sign of Virgo, may be taking our self-care and beauty regime to the next level, perfecting our hair care and skincare routines while focusing on the finer details of our day-to-day health habits and lifestyle. Wednesday the 18th is an ideal time for dry body brushing to stimulate circulation, with gentle massage on Thursday to soothe an overactive nervous system. 

There's still lots more to come, so be sure to follow along for more astrology.

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