4 Inspiring Women We Can Learn from This International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world. In Australia, countless women have broken barriers, challenged stereotypes, and paved the way for future generations. We here down under have mastered the art of producing epic, powerhouse women! As we commemorate this day, let's shine a spotlight on four inspiring Australian women team George is obsessing over this International Women's Day!

1. Grace Tame- Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Grace Tame, the 2021 Australian of the Year, has become a leading voice in the fight against sexual assault and harassment. As a survivor, Tame has fearlessly shared her story to raise awareness and advocate for change. Her advocacy led to the overturning of Tasmania's gag laws, which prevented survivors from speaking out about their experiences. Tame's courage and resilience have inspired countless individuals to speak up and take action against sexual violence. She reminds us that survivors have a powerful voice and that we can create a safer and more supportive society for all together.

2. Sam Kerr - Football Phenomenon and Role Model

Who isn't OBSESSED with Sam Kerr!? Sam Kerr is a trailblazing athlete whose achievements on the football field have earned her global recognition. As the Australian women's national soccer team captain, Kerr has led her team to numerous victories, including the 2020 AFC Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament. With her exceptional skill, agility, and leadership, Kerr has become one of the most feared strikers in the world, earning accolades such as the Golden Boot in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) and the Julie Dolan Medal for the best player in the Australian W-League. Off the field, Kerr is a powerful advocate for gender equality in sports, using her platform to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams and challenge stereotypes. Her passion, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a role model for athletes and fans. Sam Kerr's impact transcends the soccer pitch, reminding us of the importance of breaking barriers and striving for greatness in all aspects of life.

3. Taryn Brumfitt - Body Positivity Advocate and Filmmaker

Taryn Brumfitt is a passionate advocate for body positivity and self-love whose journey from body dissatisfaction to acceptance has inspired millions worldwide. As the founder of the Body Image Movement, Brumfitt has dedicated her life to challenging societal beauty standards and promoting body acceptance of any shape or size. Her documentary film, "Embrace," explores the global issue of body dissatisfaction and the beauty industry's impact on women's self-esteem. Through her candid and empowering message, Brumfitt encourages individuals to embrace their bodies and prioritise self-care over unrealistic beauty ideals. Her advocacy has sparked meaningful conversations about body image and mental health, encouraging people to celebrate their bodies for what they can do rather than how they look. Taryn Brumfitt's courage and authenticity are a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with body image issues, reminding us that true beauty comes from within.

4. Lisa Nguyen - Entrepreneur and Haircare Innovator

You didn't think we would write a blog about inspiring women and leave out why we are all here, did you? Queen Lisa is the visionary founder of George Haircare (aka, the BOSS), a revolutionary haircare brand that has taken the industry by storm. With a background in hairdressing and a passion for natural beauty, Nguyen embarked on a mission to create a line of hair products that would deliver exceptional results and prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility. George Haircare's products are formulated with high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients that nourish and strengthen hair without harmful chemicals or additives. Nguyen's commitment to innovation and sustainability has earned her widespread acclaim, with George Haircare quickly becoming a favourite among beauty enthusiasts worldwide. As a female entrepreneur in a competitive industry, Nguyen's success inspires aspiring business owners, proving that anything is possible with determination and creativity. Her dedication to creating safe, effective, and eco-friendly haircare solutions has transformed the beauty industry and empowered consumers to make more conscious choices for themselves and the planet.

These four women exemplify the spirit of International Women's Day through their courage, resilience, and commitment to making a difference. Their stories remind us of the importance of amplifying women's voices, challenging stereotypes, and advocating for equality and justice. As we celebrate their achievements, let us also recommit ourselves to building a more inclusive and equitable world for all. Happy International Women's Day, Besties!


Team George x

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