Hair Masks 101 - Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Masks

If you’re on the hunt for soft, healthy hair, adding a hair mask to your routine is a must. This powerful product is your secret weapon against dry, damaged or frizzy hair and uses rich ingredients to deeply nourish your hair. 

Whether you’re a hair mask newbie or a seasoned haircare lover, keep reading to discover exactly how hair masks work, how to find the best hair mask for your hair type and our top tips for getting the most out of every treatment.

What is a hair mask?

In a nutshell, a hair mask is a deep conditioning product that delivers a potent dose of nourishing ingredients to your scalp and locks. A hair mask has one goal in mind: to repair, restore and inject the shine back into your hair. 

The best hair masks are packed with natural ingredients, like coconut oil, argan oil, and even aloe vera or tea tree oil.

So, why should you add a hair mask to your routine? Essentially, a hair mask delivers all the benefits of your conditioner in a richer, more efficient dose. It instantly hydrates dull hair, rapidly reverses heat damage and restores your hair’s natural strength and softness.

What is the best hair mask for different hair types? 

We’re big believers in less is more, which is why we believe the best hair masks should suit every hair type. It’s why we formulated our Better Hair Days hair mask to work for everyone. 

Your hair mask will deliver specific benefits, depending on your hair type:

  • Fine hair will perk up with added volume, strength and instant damage repair.

  • Dry or damaged hair will be nourished with rich hydration that softens, protects and restores shine.

  • Curly hairwill be brought under control with hydration that smooths and protects against future damage.

  • Colour-treated hair will see moisture locked in for longer-lasting, brighter colour.

How to use a hair mask effectively

Ready to get the most out of your hair mask? The trick is to use enough product, to ensure every strand is coated and allow enough time for your hair mask to work its magic. 

Aim for about a walnut sized amount and apply it from the mid length of your hair to the ends. Gently massage the mask into freshly washed hair, comb through using a detangling comb and leave for as long as possible (at least five to ten minutes) before rinsing off.  If you have long hair, we recommend using two walnut sized amounts.

Top tips for getting the best results from your hair mask 

Get your hair mask to work as hard as you do with these easy tips and tricks:

  • Swap your conditioner with a hair mask:treat your hair to a dose of intense hydration every time you wash it by switching your regular conditioner for a hair mask. If this doesn’t work with your wash schedule, we recommend using a hair mask at least once a week to see results.

  • Bring your hair mask to bed: leaving your hair mask in overnight gives it plenty of time to hydrate and nourish your locks. Simply wash your hair, apply your mask, comb it gently through your hair and secure with a clip or hair tie before covering in a hair turban or shower cap (place a towel on your pillowcase to avoid product getting on your pillow while you sleep). 
  • Don’t wash out your hair mask completely: by leaving around 10-20% of the hair mask in after rinsing, you’ll score the benefits of extra moisture all day long.

  • Coat every strand: be gentle with your wet hair and use your detangling comb or your fingers to smooth the mask across the entire length of your hair.

  • Go silicone-free: hair masks that use silicone might make your hair look instantly smooth and shiny, but they actually prevent nourishing ingredients from penetrating deep into your hair follicles. Silicone coats your strands, weighs it down and can even make it feel flat and greasy by the end of the day.

Our biggest tip when it comes to hair masks? Look at the ingredients list and make sure to check it’s free from common nasties like silicone. Over time, this ingredient can cause more harm than good, making your hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage (a.k.a. the opposite of what we want from a hair mask). 

Instead, look for a high-quality hair mask that’s packed with all-natural plant-based ingredients, is safe for colour-treated hair, and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It’s why our Better Hair Days Mask is antioxidant and vitamin-rich, using a light but high-absorbent formula that leaves hair soft, silky and deeply hydrated.

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