A Beginner’s Guide To Creating An Uncomplicated Hair Care Routine

Taking care of our locks shouldn’t be complex or confusing. But with so many lotions, creams and serums to choose from, picking the right products for our hair can be a tricky task. 

The truth is that designing a simple, uncomplicated hair care routine is easier than you might think. 

By getting to know your hair type, the key steps you need in your routine and what ingredients to look for in your hair care products, you’ll score nourished, healthy hair in no time.

The secret to designing a hair care routine that works for you

First up, we need to figure out your hair type to start building a fuss-free hair care routine that really works for you.

Why? Well, purchasing the wrong kind of products for your hair type can throw everything out of whack, cause further dryness or damage and make hair unmanageable. 

Let’s run you through the core hair types (and how to tell which category you fall into):

  • Dry and damaged hair: usually brittle in texture and shows visible signs of split ends or stray hairs.

  • Normal hair:expect shiny, smooth and frizz-free locks that have good elasticity (a.k.a. won’t snap or break when stretched to its full length).

  • Oily hair: typically, this hair type looks visibly greasy or waxy (even after washing) and may cause an itchy or irritated scalp.

  • Frizzy hair: usually dull in appearance, this hair type typically happens when our hair is dry or damaged. Plus, high humidity and natural texture can cause our hair to become frizzy, too.

Armed with this information about your unique hair type, you’ll be able to scout out products that give your hair the TLC it needs to look and feel its best. 

Plus, it’s important to know exactly what hair care routine steps need to be non-negotiables (more on that next). 

The three pillars of an effortless haircare routine 

Ready to design an oh-so-easy haircare routine that will help you unlock healthy, glossy locks? Clear out your cupboards and reclaim shower space with this uncomplicated three-step hair care routine.

Step one: Cleanse

No matter what hair type you have, everyone needs to kick off their hair care routine by cleansing their scalp. Rather than focusing on the ends of our hair, applying your product on the scalp is key to washing away the day and preventing product build-up. 

Styling mousse, hairspray and even dry shampoo can suffocate our roots and cause flat, dull locks that are prone to breakage. So, always start by adding a high-quality cleanser to your hair care routine.

Hot tip: steer clear of washing your hair on a daily basis. Those natural oils are your hair’s inbuilt protection against the sun. Instead, use a dry shampoo spray to refresh your hair between washes.

Since we’re on hot tips: avoid rinsing your hair with hot water – it’s not great for your scalp or your hair. Dial down the heat to a lovely lukewarm temperature to rinse out most of the product, and if you’re brave, give your hair a blast of cold water at the end.

Step two: Moisturise

Next, it’s time to give your hair a nourishing dose of hydration. We always recommend moisturising your hair on a regular basis to combat the heat and sun damage our hair has to face on a daily basis.

Alongside your everyday conditioner, add a high-quality hair mask to really lock in hydration as well as prevent and treat hair damage. Better yet, swap out your conditioner for a hair mask every time wash day comes around. We know that nourished, hydrated hair grows faster and stronger, which is why a hair mask needs to be a non-negotiable in your weekly hair care routine. 

Step three: Style 

Last, but certainly not least, is your arsenal of hair styling products. Whether you’re looking for big, bouncy waves or a sleek wet-look style, using heat protection every time you pick up a styling tool will help you achieve your dream look (and keep your hair healthy for years to come).  

Remember over-styling your hair can lead to split ends and breakage, so make sure to put down the tools every now and then. If your mane and routine allows, we recommend letting your hair dry naturally too (think warmer, summer days).

P.s. don’t forget to grab an easy styling mousse or texturising spray to leave in your hair to elevate your natural style (perfect for days when you’re short on time or want to give your hair a break). 

What to remember when picking your hair care routine products

We get it: reading an ingredient’s list probably isn’t the first thing you do when picking your shampoo or conditioner. But if we don’t check what’s in our products, we’ll never know if we’re lathering our hair in nasties that do more harm than good.

The big red flags to look for in hair care products are sulphates and parabens. These preservatives and cleansing ingredients keep products ‘fresh’ for longer and create that classic lathering effect in things like shampoo. 

But, these ingredients can irritate and dry out our skin, strip our hair of its natural oils and even mess with our hormones. 

Another one to watch out for is silicone, which gives the appearance of silky, shiny hair. In reality, this ingredient suffocates the hair, prevents nutrients from penetrating the hair shaft and causes our hair to become dry, brittle, frizzy and prone to breakage.

Plus, make sure to check if your products contain any other nasties (such as phthalates, a chemical used in some cleansing products that have been shown to impact our reproductive system and even contribute to things like hair loss). 

Instead, your best bet is to look for haircare products packed with natural oils, proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that will support its growth, moisture and overall health.

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