The dawn of a new year has us shifting the focus inward. All the areas of our lives that we perhaps neglected (or avoided) in years past come back to haunt us. Number 1 at the bottom of the ‘goals I didn’t achieve last year’ barrel is often simply taking care of ourselves. 

We were given one body, one life, and some of us forget we need to provide it with a bit of TLC to keep the motor running. After all, the grass is greener where you water it! 

Implementing a new routine or making drastic changes to your lifestyle to improve your mental health can feel like a chore. So, we got to thinking, how can we better our lives simply, without all the excess mental strain or friendly neighbourhood imposter syndrome? 

Enter: George’s Self-Love Challenge

Knowing where to start is often the most significant challenge when you're ready to better yourself. George has your back, bestie: Once again, we’ve done all the worrying, so you don’t have to (it’s our specialty at this point)! 

ATTENTION! Just like any challenge, there are a few ground rules for success:

• Don’t wait for a Monday to start (start NOW!) Because no one likes Monday, no matter how chirpy your barista is! You can return to the challenge throughout the year whenever you need a pick-me-up!

• Don’t overwhelm yourself – adopt the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid for those playing along at home). Don’t take on a challenge that is 3 continents past your comfort zone. 

• Make it fun. George’s challenges are designed to help you live your best life. No one likes a burnt-out queen. 

• Take what you need, leave what you don’t. Not all these challenges will be for you, and that is A-OK (Although we promise we are not forcing you to join the 5am club!)

All that said let’s dive in!


We’ve said it once. We’ll repeat it. You have one body, ONE. How you choose to treat it ultimately defines your longevity. That’s why George is challenging you to pay a little closer attention. 

1. Indulge in self-care, baby! 

Engaging in self-care is our modern-day survival mechanism for protecting our happiness and well-being from the everyday stresses our world has to offer. There’s no fast and hard rule about what an act of self-care should look like, so frankly, you can choose your own adventure on this one! For some of us, simply getting out of bed and taking a shower might be all the energy we can muster to take care of ourselves, and that’s an achievement in itself! Others like to be EXTRA and indulge in a hair mask or pedicure. You do you, boo. 

2. Try a new workout. 

It’s no secret that moving our bodies is good for our health. Any form of aerobic activity boosts the production of our brain’s natural feel-good neurotransmitters, endorphins, making us feel like we can conquer the world! 

Pro tip: Choose a form of movement you ENJOY! Don’t drag your booty to the gym if you hate it! 

If all else fails, it’s the perfect excuse for a cute new activewear set – you’re welcome!

3. Add to your beauty routine. 

When neglecting your body, keeping up with your beauty treatments can be a drag (on your time and your bank account). Here at George, we are all about accepting yourself for who you are. But if booking in for those lash extensions, fake tan, or deep tissue massage adds some pep to your step – now is the time to make it happen!


We don’t mean to call anyone out here… but the world you create in your mind DOES influence your reality. If you’re reading this and feeling a little… personally attacked? Perhaps it’s worth paying attention to how you’re welding the master creator that is your mind. 

1. Do a digital detox. 

Social Media has brought us the likes of Millie Ford, Chris Olsen and Elyse Myers, but extended periods on these ‘social’ apps can have us feeling not so social at all!

Has your phone got you feeling more drained than your battery life? Go through your phone and, delete apps/unfollow people that don’t make you feel good. While you’re at it, set time limits on certain time-wasting apps (we’re not going to name any names here, but you get the idea).

2. Create a journaling routine. 

George is a big fan of a brain dump! Not only does it relieve stress, but you might also uncover some of those big ideas lingering in the corners of your mind! 

3. Create a theme for 2023.

 It’s time to get intentional about how we spend our time. Pick a word or theme for 2023 that you can keep returning to when times get tough! Need some inspiration? Sign up for our FREE Self Love Journal, where you’ll find a list of inspiring words!


Life is for living, bestie! It’s certainly not about #girlbossing and being a hustler – that spells just one thing: BURNTOUT. Yikes. 

1. Do one thing a day that sparks joy.

Yes, you really DO need to find joy in the little things. Make time each day to do something that makes you smile.

2. Show some love. 

It’s time we give back to humankind and show some love for our fellow humans. Help someone in need, donate to a charity, or send your friends a text to brighten their day. Spoiler Alert: doing something for others will have you feeling all the good vibes too!

3. Reset your space.

Start the new year off feeling fresh both inside and out. Take an afternoon to tidy up your living spaces, reorganise, and light a candle for a bit of zen.


Coming to the end of January and freaking out because you don’t have it ‘all together’? Let us tell you a little secret: virtually no one ever does! If you want to make WAVES in 2023, it’s all about the small (seemingly insignificant) steps you take each day to get you to the life you fantasise about. 

PRO TIP: Whenever you’re making a career move, hanging out with new friends, or trying a new hobby, ask yourself: “Is this serving the life I wish to create?” If the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’ - run for the hills, bestie. 

Note: If an activity brings you JOY, that is serving the life you wish to cultivate. We don’t need to be psychic to know that almost all of us just want to be happy.

1. Set your goals for 2023. 

Get intentional with your goals for the new year and identify the steps you need to take to reach them. Then, allocate time each day, week, or month to complete these steps and achieve your goals.

Pro tip: Focus on ACHIEVABLE goals. No one wants to spend NYE 2023 down in the dumps because they set themselves a task bigger than Everest!

2. Create a budget. 

Yawn! We know budgets aren’t the most exciting thing ever, but wouldn’t it be nice to treat yourself AND pay rent on time? 

Getting acquainted with your finances doesn’t have to be scary – it can be empowering too!

3. Set your routines. 

If your mornings and nights look different each day, maybe it’s time to set some routines. Identify what you want to do every morning and night and create bulletproof systems to help you get them done. 

Pro tip: Stack any new habits on top of an old one, so you’re more likely to implement them! Starting a new practice from scratch is much more complicated than building on an old one! 

You’ve got this! Let’s make 2023 a year worth remembering together. 

Need more inspo? Check out George’s Self-Love Journal here


George x

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