George’s 2023 Hair Trend Forecast (& what to ask your hairdresser to achieve the look)

Nothing says ‘new year, new me’ as a new do! Friends don’t let friends get bad haircuts, so George has popped together our 2023 trends you can (safely) get behind. Better yet, we asked our in-house hair expert and Founder, Lisa Nguyen, for her best tips to achieve these looks. There will be no crying in your car after a trip to the salon here, sis! (Or perhaps, for the sake of your loved ones and your sanity, build a relationship with your hairdresser before you make the big ‘chop!’)

Rise of the Brunettes:

Hollywood stars set the trend, and we will surely follow. The blonde chokehold is now fading, and the hair we are seeing on almost every red carpet is a dynamic brunette! So, let’s be honest, if Hailey Bieber is wearing brunette, so are we!

Get the Look:
-Not totally committed? Try a semi-colour of 1 to 2 shades darker than your natural. A semi generally lasts 8-10 washes, so you can embrace the darker side without regrets later.

-It’s all about finding a shade to suit your complexion/ skin tone. To best complement your complexion, you want to pick shades with undertones opposite your skin's undertones. This usually means cooler shades for warmer skin and warmer shades for cooler skin.

-What’s your budget? New hair colour will mean new haircare, new makeup, and new clothes. Oo la la! An excuse to shop.

The Pixie:

Hate styling your hair? Don’t worry. George knows that there are so many other things you have to get on with! The modern pixie is the perfect cut for a queen looking for low maintenance. Have a natural wave/ curl to your hair? – your locks will naturally fall to create this piecey style. Opt for a feathery face frame for a more feminine-chic look.

Get the Look:
-Maintenance is required to keep this style, which means trims every 6 weeks

-Change up your pixie look by adding pins, changing the part, using a flat iron or curling your hair, trying wet or dry textures by experimenting with different gels and waxes

-To avoid a mushroom grow out, remove lots of weight during the initial cut!

The Modern Shag/ Shaggy Mullet:

The Shag is almost everywhere and is set to rise across heads in 2023. Our girl Billie (Eilish) does this look best. Ready to throw away the heat in 2023? This is the perfect cut for those prepared to embrace their hair’s natural texture.

Get the look:

-Get bangs with your mullet to truly achieve this look.

-Love putting your hair up? Unfortunately, this style may not be for you. Due to the high layering volume, a lot of hair will fall from your hair tie.

-Have an in-depth consultation with your hairdresser to discuss how wispy or short you want your layers to be.

- I love this look on curly/ wavy hair as it will naturally fall in a piecey texture. Are you a straight-haired queen? Scrunch in some salt spray to achieve the look.

Curly Girls - now is your moment

Hello Curly Queens! TikTok has undoubtedly made your head even more desirable! From heatless curls to perfect air wraps – your straight-haired friends are going to great lengths to steal your look! So NOW is the time to embrace what mamma gave you.

PS - Curly girls can wear bangs too. If you have not tried this trend, 2023 is the year to do it – curly bangs are no longer a hair emergency.

Get the look:

-My top tip for healthy curly hair is hydration. Make a hair mask a part of your routine. Our Better Hair Days is curly hair approved, containing no silicones or waxes.

-Work with your natural hair rather than against it.

-When it comes to curly fringes, longer, 70's-style fringes are your best bet. Unfortunately, shorter fringes can be a lot harder to control.

90's blowout/cuts

This is the hair we grew up watching on TV! If you find yourself watching re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, wishing you had a head like Jen Aniston – this one is for you. This look is best achieved with mid-length hair and is all about the tools you use. No trip to the hairdresser is necessary, just a few hours of TikTok tutorials.

Get the look:
-To recreate this look at home, it’s essential to use volumising hair products, a good round brush and a hairdryer.

- Elevate with a haircut focusing on face-framing layers to create bounce and open up the face.

-This cut is flattering on almost everyone!

Deep side parts

We never thought we’d see the day… but yes, it’s true, the side part is back, baby! So excuse us while we spend the next 6 months re-training our hair to fall to one side and hold a funeral for our middle parts. A side part is a perfect feature- a flattering style to have you feeling 1 million bucks 24/7. A deep part also creates a bit of Hollywood-esk drama in a sleeked-back style. What’s not to love?

Get the look:

-Start your part at the outer corner of the eye for a deep side part. Then, use a tail comb to create a line and part the hair on either side.

-While your hair is wet, part it in its new spot, and then blow dry it in that direction to solidify the part. Once dry, spray with a generous amount of hairspray for hold. Training your hair to the new part may take a few days.

Coloured clips

Talk about an instant mood enhancer. You can’t have a bad day when sporting a head full of colourful clips – bonus points if they’re butterflies! A carefully placed clip can transform a ‘bad hair day’ into a colourful statement.

Get the look:

-Barrettes are for everyone; make a statement by adding a few pins, a single bold clip, or both.

-Baby butterfly clips are easy to clip away stubborn flyaways, attach them to delicate twists or use them in a row to create a faux headband look.

-Elastics can cause breakage – clips are a great alternative to save your hair.

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