An Open Letter from Lisa: what I would say to parents of teens wanting to dye their hair.

An interesting discussion unfolding online about beauty routines for teenagers has emerged. With the rise of popularity of apps such as TikTok and an overwhelming abundance of self-proclaimed beauty experts creating content targeting our young people, naturally -your teenager has likely come to you asking you to purchase them the latest beauty trend or even alter their appearance!

Sidebar: teenagers are so much cooler now than we ever were, am I right!?

While it's totally normal for your teen to be starting to express themselves (heck, I indeed went through my fair share of doozies during those formative years), here's a few things to consider before you and your child march over to the salon:


The thing about hair dye:

Most commercial hair dyes contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide, which can strip the hair of its natural moisture, weaken its structure, and cause long-term damage. For teenagers whose hair is still growing and developing, subjecting it to the harsh effects of chemical hair dyes can have detrimental effects on its health and integrity.


A note on body image:

It's also important to consider the emotional impact of hair dyeing on teenagers. While it may seem like a harmless form of self-expression, deciding to dye one's hair can have lasting consequences on self-esteem and body image. Teenagers may feel pressured to conform to societal beauty standards or peer expectations (even I find myself considering a dramatic hair change after a few too many hours scrolling the web), leading them to make impulsive decisions without fully considering the long-term implications.


Here's how you can support your child's self-expression without a permanent dye:

Experiment with temporary hair dyes/ non-permanent hair accessories – this allows for creativity and self-expression without the commitment of potential damage associated with permanent hair dying.

Love what mumma nature gifted them - take the time to educate your teen about the importance of maintaining healthy hair habits and the potential risks associated with chemical hair treatments. Emphasise the value of embracing their natural hair texture and colour and encourage them to prioritise nourishing and caring for their hair to keep it strong, vibrant, and resilient.

Play with fun, natural haircare products—chemical-free doesn't have to be lame! I may be a biased Millennial, but George was created out of a desire to do better for ALL my clients, no matter their age! Plus, you'll win the parent of the year award for how cute our Duo Kitwill look in your teen's bathroom.


While the desire to dye one's hair may be a common rite of passage for many teenagers, parents must approach the topic cautiously and carefully. Before allowing your teen to dye their hair, take the time to weigh the potential risks and consequences and explore alternative forms of self-expression that promote healthy hair habits and positive body image.

Let's leave the trend-lead hair dying to the beauty and fashion industry experts!

Remember, the health and well-being of your teen's hair should always take precedence over TikTok trends or societal pressures!




Lisa xx

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