George’s 2023 Hair Dictionary

In this fast-paced TikTok era, where trends come and go faster than a viral dance challenge, keeping up with the ever-evolving hair terminology can feel like catching butterflies in a tornado. But fear not, George has your back, I sat down with George Founder and Hairdresser Extraordinaire Lisa Nguyen to help decode and demystify all the latest buzz-worthy terms in the wild world of hairstyling.

Here we go…

Acid Wash Blonde: A trendy hair colour characterised by lightened strands with a washed-out, slightly grungy appearance, reminiscent of acid-washed denim, 1990s eat your heart out

Bangs with Benefits:Combining the best of curtain bangs and face-framing layers, what sets it apart is its versatility. When your hair is tied up, the layers underneath create a shorter framing effect along the sides, giving dimension to a simple up-do. The best part? Bangs with benefits can seamlessly blend into any haircut, including a blunt single-length 

The Bixie:Popularised on TikTok, the Bixie is a stylish fusion of the classic bob and the more daring Pixie cut

Bronde:Ever looked at a gorgeous head of hair and found it hard to describe? Is it blonde, is it brunette, is it a shade no one's ever heard of before? More than likely, that hair colour is "bronde." Think Gisele Bündchen, this versatile hair colour is perfect year-round

Butterfly Cut: A little Rachel from Friends, a little Pamela Anderson, this versatile, multi-layered haircut strikes a perfect balance between shag and long layers. What sets the butterfly cut apart is its distinct sections: long layers below the shoulders for length illusion, and short layers framing the face with added volume

Chopstick Waves:Popularised by L.A. cool girl Courtney Trop, this style is achieved using the Chopstick Styler for a retro perm-like look. What makes the Chopstick Styler unique is its square shape. Unlike traditional curling tongs with round barrels, the Chopstick Styler's edges create slightly squared-off curls instead of soft, rounded ones

Curve Cut: The C-cut, or curve cut, is all about the layers. The shortest layers frame the face and the rest of the layers become longer as they reach the bottom of the hair which creates a gentle curve resembling the letter C

Curtain Bangs: The hallmark of curtain bangs is when the fringe is cut shorter on the inside, and gets longer as the bangs get further away from your face. As seen on celebs like Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Lopez, the popular style looks good on pretty much everyone and offers much more versatility than traditional bangs (or “fringe” as we call it in Aus!)

Emulsify (shampoo): If you’re anywhere near HairTok you’ll have heard this term thrown around a bit! Think of it as the secret handshake of haircare! When you rub shampoo between your wet hands, you're actually emulsifying it. This magical process activates the ingredients, ensuring they work their wonders on your locks. Lather, rinse, repeat 

Expensive Brunette: It's shiny, it's warm, it sparkles in the light, and it's natural. Expensive brunette is a brunette hair colour that is shiny, glossy, rich, healthy, and has purposeful dimension to it while keeping things simple yet high quality. Think: Hailey Bieber's chestnut brown base with peekaboo honey blonde ends

Gemini Hair: Named for the twins of the Zodiac, Gemini hair is a two-toned hair colour look in which one half of your head is one colour (often your natural colour or close to it) and the other half is a bright, contrasting shade like red, blue or pink. Also known as skunk-stripe hair or cotton candy hair

Internal Layers: Internal layers are sometimes called “ghost layers” or “invisible layers” because they build an internal shape that you can't see. The stylist lifts the hair to cut layers underneath. Shorter sections beneath the surface add lift in strategic places, helping to support the shape of a haircut

The Mixie:The "mixie" haircut trend combines the mullet and the pixie haircut. The hairstyle is similar to the bixie, but it's longer in the back, like a mullet

Money Piece: As seen on the likes of Doja Cat, Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, the money piece is a technique in which a colourist lightens or highlights the face-framing pieces of your hair. This technique helps soften and brighten your complexion and, unlike other dye jobs, is easy to maintain

Shag:Originally created in the 70s by barber Paul McGregor, the shag traditionally consists of feathered layers for volume at the crown, tapering towards the edges and ends. Ideal for medium to thick, straight, wavy or curly hair, it’s a cut for all lifestyles, but if you’re a tousle-and-go type, this cut is perfect for you. It’s low-maintenance and really shows off the natural texture of the hair

The Slob (Sleek Bob): A portmanteau of “slick” and “bob”, the “slob” – despite what its nickname might suggest – is sharp in shape, but isn't too precisely cut. It's less choppy than other bobs that have become popular in recent years

Unicorn Hair:Popularised by the likes of Insta/TikTok stylist Teresa Van Dam, unicorn hair is an imaginative rainbow hair colour trend achieved by blending a variety of pastels like mint, lavender, aqua, soft pink, and even metallics like smokey silver or rose gold for a magical look that's super customisable

Vivids: Vivid hair colours are outside the traditional realm of hair colour. Vivids are also known as fantasy colours, fun hair colours, rainbow colours, unicorn hair or mermaid hair. These colours can range from deep jewel tones, vibrant neons and soft pastel tones. Be warned - Vivds are very high maintenance

Wolf Cut (or Shullet):Every generation has a hairstyle that seems to take hold. Gen X had their mullets, Millennials had their lobs and Gen Z has the wolf cut, which, come to think of it, is sort of a mashup of the other two styles. It’s essentially a shag haircut that’s filled with wispy layers and volume and is currently taking TikTok by storm

So there you have it, from A-Z (or A-W actually, sorry XYZ), consider yourself educated, up-to-date, and ready to confidently discuss, request and maintain the hottest hairstyles of 2023. And if you’re rocking an Acid Blonde do, a Wolf Cut or anything in between - snap a selfie, upload it to insta, tag us @george.haircare and use the hashtag #GeorgeKnowsHair for a chance to be featured on our blog or socials!

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