10 Christmas movies you simply HAVE to watch this festive season (in no particular order)

Festive season is here! You’ve been celebrating the ending of another year, having one too many drinks at the work Christmas party, closing your laptops and saying good riddance… we mean goodbye to your colleagues for the Christmas Break.

After a slog to make it to Christmas Eve, it’s sometimes tricky to find your inner festive fanatic!

Nothing sets the tone for a perfectly festive Christmas season like an impeccable Christmas Flick! A good Christmas movie should contain one of, if not all of these things:

  • Be horrendously cringy
  • At least one Christmas Carol (bonus points if it becomes your friendly earworm well into February)
  • Make us belly laugh
  • Make us cry
  • Showcase at least 1 Teen Heartthrob
  • Depict an unlikely couple that you just know will end up smooching under the mistletoe by the end of the film within the first 5 minutes.

With our criteria set, George HQ has done the long, monotonous streaming service scroll for you, to bring you our best picks for this festive season (in no particular order)!

Love Actually

Nine stories explore the complexities of love. This movie never fails to take us on a journey of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your heart will swell. Not to mention, you’ll be subject to some serious eye candy (what, does no one else have a thing for Colin Firth!? Just us?.... Really? Moving on…) & ultimately, you’ll discover, that love truly is all around.

PS, no, we still have not, nor will we ever forgive Alan Rickman for buying the office tart a gold necklace and making Emma Thompson cry.

Single all the Way

Single all the Way perfectly encapsulates the agony of going home for Christmas. 101 questions from relatives you barely see the other 365 days of the year – argh! Who can relate? A newly Single, Peter persuades his best friend, Nick to pose as his boyfriend (to avoid some of those pesky romance queries) on a trip home for the holidays. Frankly, this movie screams WHOLESOME. We’re still feeling all the feelings after watching this one! 

Falling for Christmas

Our girl Lindsay (Lohan) is making her ultimate come-back in a Christmas movie!? A newly engaged heiress (Lohan) is diagnosed with amnesia after a skiing accident just days before Christmas! She finds herself in the care of a handsome cabin owner and his daughter. We promised no spoilers… but we think you can see where this one is going!? No? Oh, just watch it then!

The Holiday

A feel-good film for those of us that know what is to truly experience heartbreak. A newly dumped and depressed English, Rose (Kate Winslet) agrees to swap homes with an equally un-lucky in love Californian, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) for the Christmas holidays. They each find themselves out of their comfort zone (we love to see some self-growth - queens!) and entangled with local lads. The perfect remedy for a damaged heart. We really don’t know what else to say other than watch it, it’s the best!


Frankly, it simply isn’t Christmas without this film playing at least once this festive season. Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) was raised among Santa’s Elves. He can’t shake the feeling that he is different. So, an adult Buddy travels to New York to find his IRL father, a cynical businessman. If the casting of Will Ferrell wasn’t a dead giveaway, you’re on the track to some deep belly laughs, consider this your forewarning that you’ll find your ribs hurting by the end of this one!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton takes Christmas!? Sign us up! Halloweentown’s Pumpkin King stumbles across the joy of Christmas and finds himself instantly obsessed. Not relatable AT ALL (kidding, obviously!)


Grab the whole family for a truly wholesome animated viewing experience. A Santa Claus-esk origin story that absolutely tugs at the heart strings.

The Santa Claus

It simply is not Christmas at George HQ without grabbing the popcorn and watching The Santa Claus. A Tim Allen Classic that is sure to put the whole family into the festive spirit!


Ryan Reynolds & Will Ferrell unite for a musical adaptation of a Charles Dicken’s classic. Frankly, you had us at Ryan Reynolds *swoon*


We love a fight to save Christmas story! A Christmas-obsessed, Kris Kringle’s Daughter (Anna Kendrick) suggests her big brother (who is soon to Donne the big red suit) take a vacation before Christmas. When he doesn’t return, she finds herself racing to find her brother, to bring him back to save Christmas. Honestly, no shade to the brother, the pressure of following in daddy’s footsteps triggers all the commitment issues!

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